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[audio] Tool live in Kalamazoo, 5 July 1998

Tool live in Kalamazoo, 15 July 1998 by Humorless Productions on Mixcloud

OK, so this one is a bit of a departure for me stylistically, but it’s another board tape I felt like fixing up. Post-metal alt-metal prog-metal style with a Tool performance from Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1998. Not my original recording, but I did all the post-production.

Am I the only one doing this? Fixing up board tapes, I mean? Does nobody else hear the potential in them? Does nobody else have the know-how or the tools? I guess nobody cares as much about them as I do.

The original recording sounds better than decent, but with a couple obvious areas which required my attention. The best news is that it’s in stereo, and that it’s not distorted. The bad news is that the kick drum is way too loud and has way too much low end in it, way down in the 10-60Hz subwoofer range. Beyond that, the vocals and drums can be heard clearly, but the bass and guitar aren’t nearly loud enough in the mix. I’m sure it sounded fine in the arena, but the board tape needed some help.

I threw on some plug-ins- eq (the new Fab Filter Pro-EQ 2 is hardcore), multiband compressor and maybe some other stuff, I forget. Killing all that massive low end in the kick drum rectified many of the problems, and from that point on, it was just a matter of fine-tuning.

Then there was the issue of the crowd sounds. I’ve been recording shows for so long that I have quite a library of my own crowd/audience cheering sounds. But most or all of those sounds I recorded are from smaller clubs or theatres or warehouses; not anything as big as anywhere Tool would play. So what did I do? I downloaded a pretty good sounding bootleg of Tool from San Francisco in 2007, then isolated those crowd sounds and used them for this show. Turned out nicely.

It’s a real shame about the intro, with the first half of Flood being cut off. Oh well. I also rearranged the last couple songs. They played Ænema second to last, and then the final song, Jerk-off, as the encore. But in the intro to Ænema, Maynard delivers the good ol’ ‘OK, this will be the last song for tonight’ spiel. But then they go on to play two songs. It would have been obvious that Jerk-off is an encore song if all the dead space between the ending of Ænema and the beginning of the encore had been left intact. But with an audio recording, that’s totally unnecessary to leave in, so whomever edited the board tape wisely cut that part out. So I switched it around so that the song he said would be the final song actually is the final song. Actually, Jerk-off is a much better choice for a set closer with that ferocious, frenzied ending, but I prefer the continuity of my order.



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[audio] Autechre live in Toronto, 9 May 2001

Autechre live in Toronto, 9 May 2001 by Humorless Productions on Mixcloud

Autechre live at Steam Whistle Brewing Company, Toronto, 9 May 2001.

This is another Autechre board tape that I post-produced into a concert recording- gave it a lot of crowd sounds, some room ambience, and remastered the actual music as well.

There are a handful of Ae board tapes from the 2001 tour out there, and this Toronto performance is one of my favorites, so I wanted to give it some special treatment and really fix it up.

Most importantly, there was a nasty bit of digital clipping immediately after the 6 minute mark which I fixed up manually, which required about a half a day of tedious pencilling out flattened waveforms in Soundtrack Pro, but it’s worth it.

I’ve seen the venue listed for this show as being the Steam Whistle Brewing Company and also The Opera House. I don’t know which is correct, or if both are correct, or if one is more accurate than the other.

Presonus Studio One for arranging, DSPing and mixing. All mastering done in Soundtrack Pro.


Joy Through Noise live in LA, 15 Aug 2014



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Xanopticon live in LA, 15 August 2014


M. Geddes Gengras live in Los Angeles, 15 Aug 2014


Rodent516 live in San Diego, 6 August 2014

Rodent516 live at Fully Patched at Kava Lounge, San Diego, 6 August 2014.

The music in the first half of this video reminds me very much of EP7, so I guess I’ll recommend this video if you like that era of Autechre.


Dancu on Myspace

Don’t ask me why, but I created a Myspace page for Dancu yesterday. Must have been really bored. But at the same time, I don’t think there’s any harm in it.

Nothing exclusive there- the same couple songs that I have up on my Soundcloud/, and the same video that I have up on YouTube. Lots more fotos than I have anywhere else, not that they have anything to do with my Dancu music at all. Of course, all six songs of my debut release are posted nowhere other than my Bandcamp.

By the way, Myspace still has a bunch of kinks to work out. Setting up my page and uploading my content was fairly painless, but the process has some weird little quirks that you won’t know about until you upload your media, and once you do that you’ll realize how stuff needs to be labelled for it to display the way you want it to on Myspace, and it’s not all that logical.

Also, I don’t remember what the original Myspace was like, but the new one is set up in a blog format where you can post pictures or songs or videos or simple text updates, and it all becomes part of your ‘stream’ or whatever they call it. Fine. I doubt I’ll post too much there, but it’s just another blog to update (along with my Blogspot, my Tumblr, my Wordpress, my LinkedIn, my personal FB, my artist FB, my company FB…).


My first batch of original tunes is finally up on Bandcamp

Seriously, I’ve been working on and off on these songs for a couple years, and I could go on remixing and remixing and remixing and remixing them until the end of time, but I finally just said to myself ‘ok, enough’ and threw them up on Bandcamp. Six tracks of gloomy, pounding, orchestral, soundtracky, martial industrial with a healthy dose of glitchy synths. Pay what you want.

Hear/buy them here.

Video for one of the tracks-


[video] Nommo Ogo live in San Diego, 19 July 2014

Couple from Nommo Ogo live at Che Café, San Diego, 19 July 2014.


[video] Wolves in the Throne Room live in San Diego, 19 July 2014

Couple videos of Wolves in the Throne Room from last weekend. The audio is a bit rough- the board feed was almost completely unusable. Too much level, too much clipping. I doctored it up as much as I could, but my room mics ended up being probably 90% of this final mix. Still a decent sound, and perfectly acceptable for these YouTubers.

Now if I could only get some decent light on the band. Jeez, what I would give for a well lit stage. Someday? Please?


[video] Kid 606 live in Los Angeles, 27 June 2014

Track from Kid 606 live in Los Angeles where I recorded and edited all audio and video.


[videos] Corrections House live in San Diego, 6 January 2014

Here are a couple videos from Corrections House (members of Neurosis, Eyehategod, Nachtmystium, Yakuza) that I neglected to post at the time I recorded them in early 2014.



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Master list of every artist that I’ve recorded


Not that anybody asked for it, but here’s the complete list of every artist that I’ve recorded over the years. Actually, I most likely have recorded more than those listed here, but in the super early days when I first started recording concerts in the 90s (proper recordings; the cassette bootlegs I did before that don’t count), there were probably a few where I didn’t keep a copy of the master audio files or the finished mixdown or anything. Artists that I’ve recorded multiple times are listed only once.

No doubt I still missed some, so if I forgot your band, drop me a note.

Just wanted to compile a list. I’ll keep adding to it as new names come along.

(303) 909-1604




Ars Dada

The Audacity

Author & Punisher


Christoph de Babalon


Bad Timing

Todd Barton


Bestial Mouths

Black Jeans




William Braintree


Broken Note

Tom Brosseau

Tom Burbank

Buzz Campbell and Hot Rod Lincoln


CNN 666


Company Fuck


Corrections House

Corvx de Timor


Cyrus Rex



Death Is Not a Color



Richard Devine





DJ Hidden



Mike Dobler

Oliver Dodd


Duran Duran Duran

Brian E


Electric Company




Eyeless Sight


Felt Drawings


The Flashbulb

Flourescent Grey

Former Ghosts


Christoph Fringeli


Gross Prophet



Steev Hise

Mark Hosler




The Incredible Hexadecibels

Indian Jewelry



Joy Through Noise

cEvin Key

Kid 606

KK Null

Koonda Holaa

Kush Arora

LA Vamps




M. Geddas Gengras

The Mattson 2



Derek Michael

Ming & Ping




Monster X

Ted Nava


Next Life


No Age

Lee Noble / Grant Capes / Derek Rogers


Noize Creator

Nommo Ogo

Not Breathing

David Oliphant


Genesis P-Orridge

Gregory Page

Parenthetical Girls



The Pizarro Brothers

The Punk Group

Quartet Nouveau


The Red Elvises


John C. Reilly

Curtis Roads




Otto von Schirach

The Screamin’ Primas



Sleep Clinic

Somatic Responses

Split Horizon



Stab City


The Striggles


Damo Suzuki’s Network



Terminal 11

Thee Source ov Fawnation

This Song Is a Mess But So Am I

The Tleilaxu Music Machine

Tomoroh Hidari

Twin Braids


Venetian Snares


Wet Mango



Wolves in the Throne Room


Yellow Then Blue

Youth Code

Zola Jesus





3raum at Arena, Vienna

5 Star Bar, Los Angeles

A38, Budapest

American Comedy Club, San Diego

ArgeKultur, Salzburg

Basswerks, Los Angeles

Beauty Is Pain, Los Angeles

Berghain, Berlin

Blue Moon Nights, Los Angeles

Bronson Bar, Los Angeles

Café du Nord, San Francisco

The Canyon, Agoura Hills (Los Angeles)

The Casbah, San Diego

Che Café, San Diego

Christ Lutheran Church, San Diego

Circus Disco, Los Angeles

Club Congress, Tucson

Crush Bar, Portland

El Corazon, Seattle

Das Bunker, Los Angeles

Distillery, Leipzig

Dizzy’s, San Diego

DNA Lounge, San Francisco

Echoplex, Los Angeles

EKH, Vienna

Feuerwerk, Munich

The Fillmore, San Francisco

FLUC, Vienna

Gilman Street, Berkeley

The Good Hurt, Venice (Los Angeles)

The Griffin, San Diego

Hangar11, Kloten (Zurich)

Helter Skelter, Los Angeles

Hollywood Park, Los Angeles

Humphreys, San Diego

Kadan, San Diego

Kapu, Linz

Kava Lounge, San Diego

KXLU, Los Angeles

Lafayette Hotel, San Diego

Lawton Plaza, Los Angeles

Malcolm X Library, San Diego

Medusa Lounge, Los Angeles

Mime School, Los Angeles

MOCA, Los Angeles

Mountain Winery, Saratoga

Nimbus Brewing, Tucson

Normal Heights United Methodist Church, San Diego

The Observatory, Santa Ana

Parukarka Bunkr, Prague

Perihelion Arts, Phoenix

Plush, Tucson

Prescott Promenade, San Diego

Raum18, Berlin

El Rey, Los Angeles

Ruby Room, San Diego

Scoundrel’s, Las Vegas

The Smell, Los Angeles

Soda Bar, San Diego

Solar Culture, Tucson

Speckels Organ Pavilion, San Diego

Substance, Torrance

Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice

Til-Two, San Diego

Tin Can Ale House, San Diego

Uhrturmkasematte, Graz

The Uptown Theatre, Napa

The Vanguard, Los Angeles

Vaudeville, Tucson

Vertigo’s, Los Angeles

The Void, San Diego

Die Werft, Korneuburg (Vienna)

Zool, Oakland

plus many other nondescript unnamed warehouses throughout Southern California


[audio] Defrag live in Los Angeles, 27 June 2014

I recorded Hymen Records artist Defrag at CELEBRATE EVERYTHING at Complex in Los Angeles, 27 June 2014.

Defrag live in Los Angeles, 27 June 2014 by Humorless Productions on Mixcloud


The Mattson 2 live in San Diego, 28 June 2014

My recording of jazzy surf rock duo The Mattson 2 at the Summer Fun on the 101 festival in Leucadia, California, 28 June 2014-